Data Journalism

A framework for deconstructing Data Journalism knowledge into several main silos.

[The author expresses interest in using this framework to provide Data Journalism training to working journalists in under-developed countries and remote regions].

Data Journalism

In 1848, United States Congressman Horace Greeley took advantage of his access to travel reimbursement records and generated a story for the New-York Tribune, putting forth, in text…

Following criticism expressed against Sunak’s £100m Tax Taxpayer Protection Taskforce, Mr Uday Dholakia OBE, Chairman of the Leicestershire Asian Business Association (LABA), expands on business and community aspects, while an HMRC spokesperson provides a thought provoking official response.

Mr Uday Dholakia, a senior partner at Global Consulting (UK) has had…

a no-nonsense a bi-weekly newsletter covering dark web reporting, research and opportunities.


Clark Merrefield (Journalist’s Resource) talks with Gary King (director of Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science) who launched The SilverLining Project: “Can academics and journalists collaborate on big data projects?”


Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social…

Dror Kessler

Furlough Fraud, Whistleblowing, DarkWeb, Data Journalism, #Birmingham (researcher/journalist)

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